The Start – 2017

I, Vivek Gupta, and my partner Neeraj Agarwal have founded nu.tree three years ago with the motto – “Nutritious meal every day.” While working at our respective jobs, we observed that we ate mostly junk (Oily & Masala rich unhealthy) food as per the fast-moving culture of Bengaluru. We knew what we are putting our bodies into and craved healthy Indian food for a long time. But we could not find any ready-made solution that can provide healthy food in the “desi style.” That marked our journey for nu.tree.

Before nu.tree, we co-founded the e-commerce website where we got a chance to explore e-commerce operations and behavior of the customer. We looked at the food market and realized that there is an unmet need for healthy food from enthusiasts who want the taste, quality, and nutrition every day. We realized that for working couples/bachelors, there are not many options available in the market for daily meals without compromising the health. Thus, we came up with nu.tree, a one-stop solution for the nutrition needs of the customers.

What Makes Us Different?

When we started our grind, we have one rule, “No compromise on quality.” You can see that from our customer testimonials. 70% of our orders are from repeat customers who have found our unique approach to nutrition and taste perfect for their daily lives. We believe in organic growth, and that’s why providing superior value to our customers has been our main differentiator.

Customized Nutritional Meals

We cook handmade foods by using recipes from the vault of our granny’s which gives it a unique taste. We also provide you with a wide variety of meal options with customization. Why settle for a normal meal when you can choose your own breakfast, lunch or dinner from our menu? You can pick and choose meal options based on your health & diet aspirations and can change it whenever you want.

Why Us?

We are not any random kitchen; we are here because we care for your food, timing, and savings as we become a part of you. We try our best to provide you with the delicacies of your native dishes' power-packed with the taste of homemade food and nutritional value.

We, Indians, always look for affordable pricing, keeping that in mind and reviewing the market, we realize that healthy food items are available at quite a higher price, so we kept our products at a affordable rate. You will be surprised to see the nutritional value you get at that price. We assure you, you won't be going back to that fast-food spree, once you start eating our dishes.

With no extra costing, affordable rates, you can get the best food delivered to your doorstep.

We provide not just food but a great experience which will abide you to become our loyal customer.

Journey So Far

We Started nu.tree with an initial investment of INR 200,000. With the help of our loyal customers, we have been able to scale to 5 locations in Bengaluru. It has been one hell of a ride. We expect the same continuing support from you as we continue our journey along. We are happy to announce that we have been doing record deliveries for months together. We have processed around 2.25 lakh orders and delivered 4 lakh meals till now and are growing stronger month on month. Last year we saw 3x growth in our business.

We are expanding our platform to include fresh vegetables and grains delivery in coming months. Nutree is a full-stack food tech startup, and we are investing in AI technologies to personalize food options based on your preferences too.

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Our Journey So Far
21 September 2017

Birth Of nu.tree (Sarjapur Outlet)

Our Lucky Charm "Ms. Sweta" from Kormangala  Ordered Apple Banana Porridge and Started this whole thing. Since then there is no looking back for us.

9 July 2018

Whitefield Outlet (2nd Outlet)

Our Second Outlet in Bangalore and First in Whitefield, It was our first Dine in Outlet, First Order we receive in Whitefield from "Manas Srivastav" from Whitefield  Ordered Sabudana Khichdi and Kadai Paneer Chapati in his order.

26 November 2018

Sigma Soft Tech park (3rd Outlet)

Our Third Outlet In Bangalore and first in Corporate food court, It's on 12th Floor Gamma Block Sigma Soft Tech Park, We got a great response from everyone over there and had a great time while operating that outlet

9 January 2019

HPE Kalyani Platina tech Park (4th Outlet)

Our Forth Outlet In Bangalore and Second in Corporate food court, It's on 6th floor, HPE Building, Kalyani Platina, Brookfield. We got a great response from everyone over there and had a great time while operating that outlet as well

19 February 2019

Electronic City (5th Outlet)

Electronic city is a hub of working professionals and targeted customer location for us, since the day we started there we got a very good response and orders from this area.

7 February 2020

Usloor (6th Outlet)

Indiranagar, a hub for Bangalore foodies, one of the most happening areas in Bangalore, the area which we were trying to cover from long time, finally find a good place to operate near Halasuru metro station and getting amazing response from everyone.

11 February 2020

Banaswadi (7th Outlet)

Banaswadi is a locality situated to the north-east of Bangalore, a different area to explore. Till now, we got a mixed response from this area.

28 February 2020

Kormangala (8th Outlet)

Kormanagala an area where biggies fight to get most no of customer, a true charm for foodies and a fort for startups. We are yet to explore this area. Waiting for lockdown to get over and kick start our operation again in Kormangala.

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